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Real Estate Purchase Attorney San Antonio

The Brown Law Firm has extensive experience in representing owners, developers, and entrepreneurs with the acquisition and disposition of real estate projects, including retail, office, hotel, multifamily, medical and industrial uses, totaling over 500 million dollars.  

Examples of transactions that the Firm's attorneys have handled are as follows:

  • Multinational investment firm in sale of two multifamily projects in the amount of $154,000,000.
  • Individual investor in the sale of 120,000 sq. ft. medical building in excess of $20,000,00.
  • Utah-based company in acquisition, financing and refinancing of five multifamily projects in excess of $45,000,000.
  • Investment firm in closing refinance loans for six projects in excess of $49,000,000.
  • Law firm in acquisition and financing of office building in excess of $6,000,000.
  • Developer in negotiating and entering an agreement with the District of Columbia and a third party joint venture development company for the development of the Southwest Waterfront in Washington, DC.
  • International investment bank with the real estate aspects of a stock acquisition of a national business records company.
  • Nonprofit association in the acquisition, financing, and rehabilitation of a housing project in excess of $12,000,000.

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